Effect of Aqueous Extract of Khaya grandifoliola C. DC. Stem Bark on some Disaccharidases Activity in Iron-Deficient Weanling Rats

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Emmauel Gboyega Ajiboye
Temidayo Adenike Oladiji


This study was aimed at investigating the effect of the aqueous extracts of Khaya grandifoliola stem bark on some disaccharidases (lactase and sucrase) in diet-induced anemia in weanling rats. Weanling rats of 21 days old were maintained on iron-deficient diets for four weeks to induce anemia before treatment. A total of 35 weanling rats were used, grouped into five rats per group of iron-deficient diet/distilled water, iron-sufficient diet/distilled water, change of iron-deficient diet after four weeks to iron-sufficient diet, iron-deficient diet/ Standard drug, iron-deficient diet/25 mg/kg body weight of aqueous plant extract, iron-deficient diet/50 mg/kg body weight of aqueous plant extract, and iron-deficient diet/100 mg/kg body weight of aqueous plant extract. Phytochemical screening of the extract revealed the presence of alkaloids, saponins, cardiac glycosides, tannins, anthraquinones and flavonoids. The extract administered orally produced significant increase in the activity of intestinal mucosa sucrase and lactase (P < .05). The change of diet from iron deficient diet to iron sufficient diet increased disaccharidases activities in the intestinal mucosa. However, the aqueous extract of Khaya grandifoliola showed a higher disaccharidases activity when compared to the group of rats that were fed iron-sufficient diet. This study revealed that plant extract administered increased disaccharidases activity in the intestinal mucosa in diet-induced anemic group of weanling rats and thus lends credence to Khaya grandifoliola use in folklore medicine in the management of anemia.

Khaya grandifoliola, iron-deficient, lactase, sucrase.

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Ajiboye, E. G., & Oladiji, T. A. (2020). Effect of Aqueous Extract of Khaya grandifoliola C. DC. Stem Bark on some Disaccharidases Activity in Iron-Deficient Weanling Rats. Asian Journal of Research in Biochemistry, 7(3), 1-7. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajrb/2020/v7i330138
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