Study of the Variation of Some Biochemical Parameters in Rattus norgevicus

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Obou Constantin Okou
Djako Sosthène Thierry Akré
Gomé Michel Bleu
Assandé Francis Ehounou
Alain Dit Philippe Bidié


The biochemical assessment in animals is of capital interest to define the diagnosis of many diseases. The variation of biochemical parameters (urea, glycemia, creatinemia, transaminases: GPT and GOT, total cholesterol, HDL-c, LDL-c, triglycerides and total lipids) is an indicator of the state of health of certain vital organs such as the kidney, liver, pancreas, veins, heart, etc... . For this study, to be able to determine the normal values of the rats, a set of batches of male and female Wistar rats was formed and acclimatized for 2 months. Each batch set consisted of thirty-nine (39) rats. Each rat was weighed and then sampled by venipuncture at the caudal level to collect their blood in a dry tube (red). The red tube was used to determine the biochemical parameters. The results of this study showed that some animals already had certain pathologies before the use of any beneficial or harmful substance on them. However, most of the animals used have normal biochemical parameters revealing the good state of their various vital functions (kidney, liver, heart, veins, pancreas, etc.). These values of determining standard biochemical parameters can form a basis for future tests.

Rats, biochemical parameters, normal values, pathologies.

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Okou, O. C., Akré, D. S. T., Bleu, G. M., Ehounou, A. F., & Bidié, A. D. P. (2020). Study of the Variation of Some Biochemical Parameters in Rattus norgevicus. Asian Journal of Research in Biochemistry, 7(4), 21-34.
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