Dr. Asmaa Fathi Moustafa Hamouda

Dear editors, with due all respect, this is Asmaa F. Hamouda, the author of 10 articles and 15 books. I'm flexible, smart to pick up new skills from others. I am 36 years old, married with one child, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University (2013), Egyptian. I will discuss the significant accomplishments and plans for my research. My Master (2004-2007), Ph.D. (2009- 2013) and post-Doctoral-researches experience (2013-2017) cover many topics and fundamental data such as Biochemistry, Natural product, Clinical Nutrition, and lifestyles. I worked as Assistant Professor at the Umm Al-Qura University (2014- 2016), and my current job is Assistant Professor in biochemistry at Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. I have experience through traveling around the world which gives me lots of ideas. I attended more than one conference and workshops in Pasteur Institute, France, and Prague Chez, and others. I have an ISANH Annual Membership Institute Pasteur Paris, France. Along with most other colleagues in the research communities, I have served as reviewers of journal articles and research proposals (2015-2017). I have served as a part of Editorial Boards of journals Biological and Chemical Research (ISSN 2312-0088, USA). I have served as reviewers for many journals.